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Wireless Bluetooth HC-05 Host Serial Transceiver Module with button Slave and Master For Arduino

1, the core module from the module using the HC-05 , leads interface includes VCC, GND, TXD, RXD, KEY pin , pin-out Bluetooth connection status (STATE), not connected to the output low , after connecting the output high

2, led indicate Bluetooth connection status , Bluetooth connection means no flash , slow flash indicates enter AT mode , double flash indicates Bluetooth is connected and open ports

3, bottom set anti-reverse diode with 3.3V LDO, the input voltage is 3.6 ~ 6V , when unpaired current of about 30mA, the pairing of about 10mA, the input voltage must not exceed 7V!

4, the interface level is 3.3V, you can directly connect a variety of SCM (51, AVR, PIC, ARM, MSP430 , etc. ), 5V microcontroller can also be connected directly , not through without MAX232 MAX232!

5, open to 10 meters effective distance ( power rating of CLASS 2), more than 10 meters are possible, but do not make this connection to ensure the quality of distance

6, after the pair when using full-duplex serial port , without having to know any Bluetooth protocol support 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, parity can be set communication format , which is the most common communication format , not support other formats.

7, can be pulled 34 feet into the AT command mode to set parameters and query information

8, small size (3.57cm * 1.52cm), chip production plant to ensure the quality of the patch . And set transparent shrink tube , dust and beautiful, and there is some anti-static capabilities.

9, can be switched via AT commands as master or slave mode , the device can be connected via AT commands


10, support from the Inter- standard baud rate 4800bps ~ 1382400bps


Note: This module does not suitable for IOS system.

TXD: the sender, usually expressed as its sender, the normal communication must be connected to another device RXD.
RXD: the receive side, generally expressed as the receiving end of their normal communication to another device connected to TXD.

ARDUINO                           HC-05 BLUETOOTH

5V                                                 VCC

GND                                              GND

3 TX      510 ohm---^^^--- ->         RX 3.3V level

2 RX     <- ---^^^---510 ohm          TX 3.3V level

SoftwareSerial gpsSerial(2,3);    //(rxPin,txPin) of Arduino

Photo Credits: some images and data are form Internet web resource.

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